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Chomp makes it easy for raw feeders worldwide to track their loved ones' food intake.


Three common raw feeding mistakes and how to avoid them

Raw feeding, also known as BARF (Born-Again Raw Feeders), is gaining popularity among pet owners. While the benefits, such as improved skin and coat health, are undeniable, there are also some pitfalls to avoid.
Incorrect nutritional composition: make sure your pet's diet is balanced. Use the Chomp app to monitor nutrient intake and make sure all essential vitamins and minerals are covered. Too much fat can lead to obesity and other health problems. Use the calorie counting feature in the Chomp app to monitor fat intake.
Ignore allergies and intolerances: monitor your pet for signs of allergies or intolerances and adjust the diet accordingly. The Chomp app offers special diet plans for pets with special needs.
Lack of variety in the food plan: A varied diet is important for your pet's health. Use the Chomp app to incorporate different types of meats and vegetables into the diet plan. Thus, raw feeding can be an excellent nutritional option for your pet if done properly.

Introducing Chomp. The Revolutionizing Pet Nutrition Management-App

We are very pleased to present the launch of our new innovative pet app Chomp. This makes monitoring the health and well-being of your beloved pets a breeze. The inspiration for this idea came straight from the heart of one of our committed developers of the SkyVu Online mobile gaming platform, whose personal interest in his dog's health ignited a passion for a technological solution.

We now want to share the result with all pet owners. Pets are more than just companions, they are loved family members. A balanced diet, love and care is what we owe them. Too many treats can cause unwanted side effects such as weight gain. Therefore, we developed Chomp in collaboration with SkyVu for Android and Apple. The easy-to-use app can count the number and calories of the treats administered.

With an extensive database of many well-known treat manufacturers and the ability to create custom snacks, Chomp will quickly become your best friend. But the app is more than just a treat tracker. It also offers diet plans for pets that have already developed a penchant for treats, as well as a variety of agility games specifically designed for dogs and cats. With useful statistics, fun alerts and a comprehensive database, Chomp is the perfect helper for any pet owner.

Track your treats.

Easily see how many treats each of your pets has eaten per day. And total calories.

Plan your pet's diet.

Breakdown your meat, bone, veggies, and other diet needs clearly and easily.

Pet diet tips.

We curate a list of excellent articles from experts that we recommend to start your journey into the BARF diet.