Processed Food to Fresh Food

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The protein and fats within a processed diet are different from those found within fresh food. Processed dog food is high in carbohydrates, low in moisture, has extruded proteins, and low-quality fats. In contrast, raw diets are high in moisture, low in carbohydrates, has fresh protein, and moderate levels of fat. A sudden and dramatic change in food can lead to digestive upset for dogs who are sensitive to change. Therefore, a gradual introduction to fresh food is encouraged before beginning step one of the raw feeding transition.

Many pet parents are switching their dog from a processed diet to a fresh food diet because of the many health benefits fresh food provides. Introducing fresh food to a dog does not need to be difficult or stressful, especially for beginners. Begin with small changes and add fresh foods to the dog’s meals. These small changes have a major impact on the diet and significantly benefit the dog’s health!

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